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BelAire Buyer's Guide

BelAire Buyer's Guide

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Robinair (ROB16600)

Electric Refrigerant Leak Detector
Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector
List Price $279.59
Your Price $163.39
Item Number ROB16600
Mfg Robinair
Part No 16600
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In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

  • For all CFC, HCFC and HFC Refrigerants
  • One-Hand Operation -- The 16" gooseneck probe holds its position so you can operate the detector with one hand
  • Audible and Visual Leak Indicators
  • Threshold Balancing Control -- Gives you infinite control for eliminating background contamination so you can zero in on the leak site
  • Volume Control
The first thing you notice about Robinair's new electronic leak detector is the modern look.  It's been ergonomically designed so it fits your hand.  Holding it while you're searching for leaks is natural and comfortable, and you'll find it fits into tight spots so you can thoroughly check for leaks.  For all its compact size, the 16600 is packed with features that help you pinpoint leaks quickly.   Audible and Visual Leak Indicators - An alarm increases in frequency as the tip gets nearer to a high concentration of refrigerant.  LEDs indicates a leak, especially helpful for those times when you're working in a noisy environment. Volume Control - Adjust the audible leak signal to the volume that's right for the background noise in the shop or at the job site. Corona discharge technology to sense leaks. It works by creating a high voltage corona in the sensing tip. When this field is interrupted by refrigerant, the alarm is triggered.  All corona discharge leak detectors are not the same, however, the quality of key components is critical in providing an effective instrument. Transformer - To create the high voltage corona, the unit must "pump up" form the battery output to 2000 volts. It takes a specialized transformer to consistently provide this voltage, and ours is the result of years of testing and field use to assure operation you can rely on.  Sensing Tip: the materials, shape and finish of the sensor and surrounding shell are critical to the effectiveness and life of the tip.  The 16600 is built with a mirror finish and specially engineered tip for superior sensitivity and durability.  The tip can be cleaned for even longer life.

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