Nexiq (MPS208040)

Pro Link Plus MPC Cartridge
Pro Link Plus MPC Cartridge
Mfg: Nexiq
Part No: 208040
Item Number: MPS208040
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Cartridge for Pro Link Plus MPC

Features and Benefits:

The Multi-Protocol Cartridge (MPC) is an Intel-based Pro-Link Plus compatible cartridge designed to diagnose todays J1708, J1939, 160 Baud, ISO 9141 vehicles. It provides anew platform that greatly enhances the flexibility of the Pro-Link Plus, and extends the life of this most versatile tool. To address advanced capabilities provided by manufacturers, the MPC uses PC MCIA cards. The cards are plugged into the back of the unit, and provide additional functions unique to each manufacturer. The following list contains features and functions that are available with this cartridge.

  • Provides flexibility to provide diagnosis of engine and vehicle systems through the use of PC MCIA application cards (sold separately)
  • Works with vehicle protocols J1587, J1708, J1939, 160 baud
  • Easy application updates via RS232 port
  • Custom data list
  • Snapshot feature
  • Printer support