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Motorguard (JLMSD-1)

Foam Polishing Pad Cleaning Tool
Foam Polishing Pad Cleaning Tool
List Price $31.45
Your Price $22.41
Item Number JLMSD-1
Mfg Motorguard
Part No SD-1
In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

Simply pass the Pad Pro® across the spinning pad and the flexible rotating paddle blasts away wet loaded or dried and caked-on compound leaving the pad clean, dry and ready for action. Because the Pad Pro® cleans the pad while it is on the buffer and while the operator is standing by the vehicle, considerable time is saved, time that would otherwise be spent removing, hand washing and drying pads. The Pad Pro® is also handy for rejuvenating pads during buffing, removing wet loaded or caked and dried on compounds and quickly drying pads that have been hand washed.

  • Quickly cleans & drys pads - major time saver
  • Cleans dried, caked-on pads - no need to wash & dry
  • Cleans loaded, clogged pads - no interruption of job
  • No damage to foam pad - extends the life of the pad
  • High quality, durable, ergonomic - long life technicians tool

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