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Midtronics (MDTEXP1000AMPKT)

inTELLECT EXP Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform
inTELLECT EXP Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform
List Price $2,551.53
Your Price $1,984.99
Item Number MDTEXP1000AMPKT
Mfg Midtronics
Part No EXP1000AMPKT
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In stock: Yes
    The inTELLECT EXP marks the next generation of handheld analyzers allowing you to diagnose every part of the electrical system, from the battery to the starter and alternator, more accurately and decisively than ever before. The platform combines the full functions of an advanced analyzer, digital multimeter, and data management tool - all in the palm of your hand.

    Combines additional test inputs, measurements, and processing power to deliver improved battery testing accuracy and decisiveness.
    Better decisions on borderline batteries with advanced state-of-charge (SOC) compensation.
    Identify battery defects even at an extremely low voltage with multiple signal processing.
    Improve decision making with temperature measurement compensation.
    Eliminate charge and retest with during charge test algorithms.
    Diagnose all parts of the starting system including current draw, starting time and circuit resistance.
    Evaluate the spectral content of the alternator output voltage at the battery showing potential problems before the alternator fails.
    New conductance cable verification test technology allows for simultaneous calculation of voltage drop across positive (+) and negative (-) sides of the circuit and total circuit drop.
    Complete multi-meter functionality with scope mode produces the ultimate electrical diagnostic tool.
    Diagnostics are simple for the novice or experienced electrical technician through the icon-based user interface, large backlit graphic display, alphanumeric keypad, arrow key scrolling and hot keys.
    Future test and feature upgrades, and platform expansion is trouble-free with the integrated SD memory card.
    Removable cable sets, expansion ports and additional custom expansion capabilities available.
    Warranty: Midtronics standard 1-year warranty.
    Applications: 6 and 12-volt automotive battery testing (including AGM batteries) 12 and 24 volt charging system diagnostics.
    Operating Range: CCA = 100 - 3000, CA = 100 - 3000, MCA = 100 - 3000, JIS = By JIS number
    DIN = 100 - 1000, SAE = 100 - 3000, IEC = 100 - 1000, EN = 100 - 3000
    Power Requirements: (6) AA Alkaline batteries
    Voltage Range: 100 mV 68 V
    Display: 128 x 64 pixel graphic, backlit display
    Operating Temperature: 32F - 120 F (0 C - 49 C)
    Interface Options: info to come
    Housing Material: ABS plastic with Santoprene overmolds.
    Product Dimensions: 9-1/2" H x 4" W x 2-1/2" D
    Product Weight: 1 lb. / 427g.

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