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Lincoln Electric Welders (LEWK14785)

Square Wave TIG 175
List Price $2,857.81
Your Price $2,272.99
Item Number LEWK14785
Mfg Lincoln Electric Welders
Part No K1478-5
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In stock: Yes
  • Sets the Standard for Premium, Economical TIG Welding Performance
  • Back by popular demand, this great little AC/DC TIG and stick welder delivers classic smooth DC and stable AC square wave welding output – outstanding TIG performance as well as stick welding.
  • Square Wave™ Technology – Delivers a low peak current and fast positive / negative transition time. High frequency arc starting is used for both AC and DC TIG welding modes. You experience reduced tungsten spitting, tungsten electrode erosion and a smooth, stable AC welding arc.
  • Includes:
  • Series 17 TIG Torch, 12.5 ft,with one-piece cable
  • 3/32 in Collet Body
  • 3/32 in Collet
  • 3/32 in x 7 in
  • Ceriated Tungsten Electrode
  • Long Backcap
  • 7/16 in diameter Alumina
  • Gas Cup Nozzle
  • Twist Mate™ Torch Adapter
  • Foot Amptrol™ with 15 ft cable
  • Gas Regulator & Hose
  • Stick Electrode Holder with 10 ft cable and Twist Mate™ Connector
  • Work Clamp & 10 ft Cable
  • 6 ft Input Cable with NEMA
  • 6-50P Plug

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