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like90 (LIK10031)

Like90 White Out / Clear View
List Price $920.03
Your Price $495.99
Item Number LIK10031
Mfg like90
Part No 10031
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In stock: Yes
  • No or minimal prep prior to application: Returns booth to a “like new” condition is less than two hours, minimizing booth down time. No need to repaint booth first
  • White Out Coverage: Hides even extensive overspray on booth walls to restore bright lighting conditions for better paintwork. Won’t yellow with age.
  • Exceptional film strength and durability: Peels off easily in large sheets even after 500 bake cycles or 6 months. In addition, White Out peels well across a wide range of temperatures.
  • Refresh between maintenance cycles: Booth surfaces subjected to heavy overspray can be over-coated multiple times with White Out between maintenance cycles so that the booth is always in top condition.
  • Removal by Peeling: Ideal for paint booths where water-washable coatings are not an option (e.g. due to grated floors or local restrictions)
  • Clear View Clarity: Optimized glass coating won’t compromise booth lighting or visibility through windows. Lays down flat to form a transparent film.
  • Water-based, low V

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