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Kwik-way (KWW590-0001-00)

Aladin 6 Infrared/Cable Alignment System
Aladin 6 Infrared/Cable Alignment System
List Price $20,040.00
Your Price $14,493.99
Item Number KWW590-0001-00
Mfg Kwik-Way
Part No 590-0001-00
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In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

  • On-sensor function control panel, toe and camber with LED indicators permit operating the computer software from any wheel location - eliminating the need for cumbersome, expensive portable remote indicators
  • Infrared communication between rear and front sensors - just 2 cables from cabinet to front sensor
  • 4-Point Wheel Clamps
  • Clear, visible graphics
  • Rugged locking cabinet contains PC with Windows XP, printer, monitor, full size keyboard, mouse and sensor docking stations for storing and recharging sensors

This system has many of the features of a more expensive model, with clear, visible graphics. Kwik-Toe and Spoiler program guarantees a straight steering wheel on every alignment. Includes Set of 4 Sensors equipped with IR communication between rear and front sensors, Communication cables, deluxe Mobile Cabinet w/drawer and locking door, Computer with 2.53Ghz Intel processor, 512 MB RAM with Intel motherboard, 16X DVD/CD drive, 80GB SATA hard drive, Windows XP, speakers, full-size keyboard and mouse (The exact specifications may vary due to the rapidly changing computer industry), 19 in. Color Monitor, Color InkJet Printer, Steering Wheel Lock (without spring), Brake Pedal Lock, UPS-Uninterruptible Power Supply to protect aligner system electronics (500VA), Software, Communications Equipment, Backups Holder -stores all your loose items, Latest U.S. vehicle specifications PLUS first year renewal - FREE, Aladin Operators Manual and Warranty Card, Membership to Kwik-Update for latest vehicle specs and updates for 2 years. 4-Point Wheel Clamps for wheel diameters 10 - 20 in.. Set includes metal lip adapters and Each Set includes clamps and parts for FOUR (4) wheels. This clamp does not use grabber arms - it requires metal fingers to hold the clamp to the wheel making them suitable for steel wheels but extra care should be taken when using these clamps on an alloy or powdercoated wheel as damage may result.

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