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Hickok (HIC45665)

G2 Diesel Injector Tester
List Price $2,427.86
Your Price $1,709.99
Item Number HIC45665
Mfg Hickok
Part No 45665
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In stock: Yes

For Ford Powerstroke & Navistar International 6.0L, 4.5 & I6 Engines*MY2003-Current

Diagnose Drivability Problems:

  • White Smoke
  • Hard Start
  • Engine Miss
  • Lack of Power
  • No Start
  • Faulty Spool Valve Performance
  • No Codes

OEM Dealer Level Functionality
Most drivability issues in a G2 injector are caused by faulty injector timing or faulty spool valve performance (stiction). This issue causes drivability concerns such as: hard start, no start, lack of power, misfires and white smoke. In many cases no DTC codes are set by these conditions and occur when the engine is cold.

G2 Kit comes with G2 Injector Diesel Diagnostic Suite Software
(Laptop Computer not included)

The G2 Diesel Injector Tester is specifically designed to diagnose faulty spool valve performance whether the engine is hot or cold. The real-time data and graphic display of injector performance provides vital injector data for accurate diagnosis.

All current diagnostic methods only provide part of the picture. G2 Diesel Injector Tester is the ONLY tester on the market designed to show the whole picture.

Features & Benefits:

  • PC application software
  • Real-time display of injector performance
  • Injector control module direct
  • Simplified hook-up connection
  • Diagnose hot or cold engines
  • Reduced diagnostic time
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Suite software
  • Complete fuel system diagnostics

Vehicle Coverage:

  • Ford: Powerstroke 6.0L, Low Cab Forward (LCF) 4.5L
  • International: I6, VTVT365 (6.0L), VT275 (4.5L)
  • MaxxForce: 5, 9, 10, DT (Note: Requires the optional MaxxForce Cable*)


  • Main Unit
  • Injector control interface cable
  • PC software application CD
  • USB/Serial interface cable
  • Ford OBD II PC interface cable
  • Blo-molded carry case


* Increase your vehicle coverage with the MaxxForce Accessory Cable (Sole separately)
The accessory cable provides fuel injection testing with G2 on MaxxForce engines. Created specifically for the integrated Powertrain Control and Injector Driver Module design on MaxxForce engines beginning in the 2007 model year.

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