Gates (LAZ91006)

Lazer Drive Align Belt Alignment Tool
Lazer Drive Align Belt Alignment Tool
Mfg: Gates
Part No: 91006
Item Number: LAZ91006
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Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly identifies the two most common types of pulley misalignment - parallel offset and angular by emitting a bright laser light beam to the opposite pulley, instantly indicating the degree of misalignment
  • This innovative drive alignment tool is compatible with all automotive serpentine belt drives with four ribs or more found on both cars and light trucks.
  • Align serpentine belts
  • Identify bracket problems
  • Laser type: 650nm visible laser diode
  • Operating time: 20 hours continuous service
  • Battery type: replaceable lithium battery
  • Carry case: high-impact plastic with die-cut foam insert
  • Bungee cord: holds laser to pulley
  • Eye glasses: enhances lasers light
  • Allen wrench: aligns laser light beam
  • Most accurate alignment method
  • Shows offset and angular misalignment
  • Uses proven laser beam technology
  • Extremely light weight, fast and easy to use
  • One person operation