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Founder's Page

I have been in the tool and equipment business nearly thirty years. Selling product on the internet went against everything I thought I knew about selling in our industry.

It was a great feeling when I walked into a shop with just the right tool at just the right time. Everyone was happy. The shop owner was happy because he got what he needed to make his customer happy, and that certainly made me happy.

But, let's face it folks, most of the time I was in his shop taking up his valuable time while I was parked in one of his customers parking spaces. Whatever I was pitching was not what he was shopping for at the time. I may have the latest and greatest 1/2"e; impact wrench in the world but all he could think about was the fact that his shop compressor started making noise that morning, the shop fan will not make it another week and he really needs a good deal on a vacuum pump. He really wants to talk to me about it, but it's not a good time. I would leave frustrated, but more importantly, my customer still had unmet needs.

There are literally thousands of tools and equipment items needed in the modern auto or truck repair facility. No sales person can be knowledgeable of every manufacturer and model number, nor can they supply everything. When a sale is made, the selling price has to cover all the expenses of the sales effort and still produce a reasonable profit. It is just not a cost effective way to sell tools these days.

I am too old to be included in the computer generation, but I made the decision a few years ago to give this internet thing a try. However, I knew I did not want to start a website unless it could meet a long list of requirements. Here are a few:

  • A simple, strait-forward business that gave our customers real value
  • Operate the website with integrity and honesty in all dealings with our customers and our suppliers
  • The ability to reach our broad customer base of weekend mechanics, professional technicians, shop owners, municipalities, vo-techs, etc.
  • Offer our customers the ability to shop all the top manufacturers, their entire available product lines, and be able to do this 24/7
  • Buy online with complete confidence that we will do what we say we will do
  • Sell only new, factory fresh product with full warranty from the manufacturer
  • Never sell or barter customer lists or email addresses to anyone

With a lot of hard work by our team members, input from our suppliers and, most of all, advice from our customers, the result is…a small, yet profitable, company that expects to be around a long time due to value-conscious customers like you. I invite you to give us a try. I sincerely believe you'll be glad you did!

Troy Stubblefield