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Dominion Sure Seal (DOMXSMAR440200)

50ml Rigid Sure-Mix Repair Adhesive
List Price $37.96
Your Price $20.01
Item Number DOMXSMAR440200
Mfg Dominion Sure Seal
Part No XSMAR440200
Out of stock
  • Sure Mix Fast Cure Urethane Repair/Adhesives are designed as an all-purpose rigid, flexible or semi rigid repair/adhesives for fast repairs, fast set general bonder (work time 1-2 min.) and for reinforcements on all rigid, semi rigid and flexible plastics. Some areas of use on plastics include: bonding/repair of bumper tabs, bonding of bumper brackets, reinforcing the back side of a plastic repair, bonding of SMC/Fiberglass backer panels, bonding cracked head light buckets, repairing of grills, and general quick repairs to most broken plastic pieces. Some additional areas of use are as a general bonder include bonding emblems, body side moldings, belt moldings (usually in place of a broken clip), bonding of an exterior side mirror glass to the plastic housing, bonding of decorative plastic pieces, ground effects, and the repair of stripped out threads. They work on all types of plastics including the ‘tough to bond’ plastics.

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