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Dent Fix (DFXDF505)

The Maxi Dent Pulling Station 220
MAXI 220V Dent Pulling Station
List Price $1,657.90
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Item Number DFXDF505
Mfg Dent Fix
Part No DF505
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Features and Benefits:

  • The Maxi is a 220 volt single phase dent pulling station.
  • Provides the technician with the power they need to shrink, pull rocker panels, hail damage, creases, dents in hard to access areas and all types of metal damage.
  • The efficiency of this tool increases the workers productivity while producing a cleaner, better repair.
  • Taking the idea of a stud welder one step further, this versatile tool will:
    1. Weld pins
    2. Weld a slide hammer directly to the panel
    3. Weld a light pulling rod
    4. Weld wiggle wire for even crease pulling
    5. Weld a rod for leverage pulling
    6. Shrink metal


  • The Maxi 220 volt unit
  • Two light pulling rods
  • Two slide hammer rods with strike weight
  • Stud pin electrode
  • Shrinking electrode
  • Wiggle wire weld tip
  • A nine and four finger Bear Claw
  • 500 stud weld pins
  • 1 pound of wiggle wire
  • 21 feet of power cable
  • Nine feet of welding cable.

Customer Support
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7:30am-4:00pm (cst)
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