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Carrand (CRD45073)

Eco-Clean "Green" Drying Towel
Eco-Clean inGreenin Drying Towel
List Price $10.04
Your Price $7.85
Item Number CRD45073
Mfg Carrand
Part No 45073
In stock: Yes
Features and Benefits
  • Smooth will not scratch; more durable lasting longer with a better weave
  • Fiber loops absorb more water faster holding 10 to 15% more water
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • A poll by research firm NPD Group found that in 2006, 18 percent of consumers expressed interest in buying organic, green or eco-friendly
  • Size 20" x 35"
Eco-clean products are derived from natural fibers which are commonly referred to as a “sustainable resource”. In this process sustainable raw materials or waste are used to produce environmentally friendly textile products. The use of natural fibers can be compared to the use of “recycled paper”, turning waste into useful things thus greatly reducing the impact on the environment. Aside from being eco-friendly, the fiber itself also has superior moisture transmission. It also has a silky luster and super soft-to-touch feel. We believe natural fabric is the “eco-clean” solution, and that is why Carrand Companies Inc. is contributing our resources toward cutting down human damage to mother nature and helping to promote sustainable products to the public.

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