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AutoXray (AXR6000)

EZ 6000 Scan Tool
List Price $875.99
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Item Number AXR6000
Mfg AutoXray
Part No 6000
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Features and Benefits:

  • The next generation of automotive scanners have arrived. The AutoXray EZ-Scan is an OBD I and OBD II scanner which includes all OBD II protocols, including the newly released Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol, allowing for more capability and flexibility to manage the diagnostic process. The CAN protocol is currently being used in a variety of vehicles and will be the mandated protocol in all new vehicles by 2008. Staying current with the very latest in automotive scanning doesn’t have to be a complex effort. The CAN-compliant EZ-Scan makes keeping up with the latest a simple matter.
  • Scan collects all values from vehicle’s on-board computer
  • Supports multiple trouble code requests, generic codes (mode 3), pending codes (mode 7), enhanced codes (mode 13)
  • On-screen definitions of OBD I trouble codes, OBD II generic and OBD II manufacturer specific codes
  • Detects OBD-II freeze frame information
  • Displays readiness test status
  • Displays O2 sensor test
  • Test results (mode 6)
  • Vehicle ID (mode 9)
  • Set measurement units in SAE/Metric
  • Live data stream monitoring
  • 29 frame capture mode
  • Set capture frame interval from 0500ms to 5000ms
  • Reset check engine lights
  • Quick Step data navigation
  • Customize data views
  • Internet upgradeable

Vehicle Coverage

  • GM ’82 - current year (12 & 16 pin ALDL and OBD-II)
  • Ford ’83 - current year (EEC IV and OBD-II)
  • Chrysler ’83 - current year (SCI and OBD-II)
  • Jeep ’91 - current year (SCI and OBD-II)
  • Toyota ’96 - current year (OBD-II)
  • Honda ’96 - current year (OBD-II)
  • Nissan ’96 - current year (OBD-II)
  • All other Asian and European ’96 - current year (OBD-II)


  • 6000 Scanner
  • GM OBD-I Cable
  • Ford OBD-I Cable
  • Chrysler OBD-I Cable
  • OBD-II Cable (Yellow)
  • OBD-II MFG Specific Cable
  • EZ-PC - Click here for more info
  • Case
  • Users Manual
  • Reg. Card
  • EZ-PC (Included)
  • Internet Upgrades
  • Graph Drivability Capture Data
  • Achieve Scan & Capture information
  • Print reports
  • Export Capture Data in Spreadsheet Format

Customer Support
online support link

call 1-800-794-6793
7:30am-4:00pm (cst)
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