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Autodata (ADT13340)

2013 Domestic Diagnostic Trouble Codes Manual
List Price $89.95
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Item Number ADT13340
Mfg Autodata
Part No 13-340
In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes domestic vehicles 1999-2013
  • Information is based on OEM information
  • Includes trouble codes (accessing and erasing)
  • Includes system faults (locations and probable causes)
  • Includes code types (MIL, OBD-I, OBD-II and HEX codes)

This manual is a comprehensive single source of information on diagnostic trouble codes for engine management systems for US domestic vehicles introduced or revised during the period of 1999-2012.  This manual is part of a series from Autodata and deals specifically with trouble codes related to the engine management system. It has been written and presented in a way which enables any professional automotive technician with appropriate skills and competence, to make accurate diagnoses of fuel and ignition system related components and circuits.  With basic understanding of fuel and electrical systems, tests and diagnoses can be made using the minimum of specialized test equipment. Where possible, procedures for accessing and erasing trouble codes without special diagnostic equipment are given, but increasingly some form of “scan tool” is required to successfully read the fault memories of control modules. Each chapter covers a range of models sharing the same trouble code table and lists the codes in a numerical or alphabetical order along with their fault locations and probable causes. If a trouble code has been logged, the fault location can be looked up in the trouble code table. This will give suggested probable causes, which should be the primary areas for checking.

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