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3M Automotive (3M 1436)

ScotchMark Electronic Near-Surface Marker for Gas Utilities
ScotchMark Electronic Near-Surface Marker for Gas Utilities
List Price $125.95
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Item Number 3M 1436
Mfg 3M Automotive
Part No 1436
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    This near-surface gas utility marker is ideal for marking underground and street-access facilities up to 2 feet deep.
    The 3M ScotchMark 1436 Electronic Near-Surface Marker for Gas Utilities is a passive-tuned antenna encased in a water-resistant, polyethylene shell which is impervious to minerals, chemicals and temperature extremes normally found in underground plant environments.
    Provides an accurate, convenient, long-lasting method of marking underground and street-access facilities.
    Its size and shape allow for easy installation in asphalt, concrete or dirt, without extensive digging or drilling.
    ideal for marking street facilities prior to repaving.
    The near-surface marker is 3" long x 3/4" in diameter
    Range of up to two feet from marker to locator.
    When buried in a vertical position, the near-surface marker can be accurately located using an EMS II Marker Locator. The marker locator transmits an RF signal to the buried marker. The marker returns the signal to the locator, indicating the markers exact position.
    The compact electronic locator gives both a visual reading and a tone.
    Use of the marker locator and markers requires only a few minutes of training.

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